September 25, 2019

Living in America: Hey! I'm Driving Through Here!

A Fast Food Drive Thru. Photo: Tim Malone

In Texas, to get anywhere, you have to drive. Public transport is frowned upon by people who have their cars and if you want to walk, there's very little option for you in the way of pavements/sidewalks. Indeed, some places offer you the convenience of the drive thru. In fact, that's MOST places who offer it.

In Britain, most of the drive thru places you will encounter are the fast food variety but in the USA, there's so much more to the drive thru than that! When I first landed, my wife took me to the bank to make a deposit. It was one of her usual deposits of $50 million dollars that she made. I used to ask her where she got the money from and why the FBI were always round her house and why every time we went out to eat, she would look nervously at the bathroom door and why everything went black when 'Don't Stop Believing' came on until I got tired of asking.

But I digress... where were we? Ah yes! The bank! It had a drive through! It was quite amazing to see this as I had grew up where you actually went INTO a bank with a stocking over your face and screamed "GIMME ALL YER MUNNY!" to a woman behind a perspex screen and waved a toy gun at them. Oh, that was just me? Okay.

But the drive thru phenomenon didn't just stop with banks. There are drive thru pharmacies so you can get your drugs, drive thru liquor stores where you can actually get one for the road and drive thru chapels where you can marry that woman or man you picked up on the street! (That last one comes after you've driven through the first two obviously...)

But why? Is it really that more convenient than actually parking your car and getting some exercise by walking into a building? Well, yes. It is. More of them don't exist in Britain as there's little need to drive and not many people enjoy driving. Unless you are reading this while driving your car right now, in which case you might want to look up. You've driven into the mall and that's why everyone is screaming.

Let me know if you prefer Drive Thru's to actually walking in a shop!


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