March 7, 2019

This Time with Alan Partridge - Podcast 24

Screen grab of BBC airing of This Time With Alan Partridge series, Fair Use License

This podcast finds us talking about Alan Partridge (a character portrayed by actor, Steve Coogan), and the new BBC series, This Time with Alan Partridge.  We'll also touch on the various BBC series from the past, which followed the same character through his chat shows, radio shows and his life in general.  Alan Partridge is a beloved figure in British pop culture, but, while Steve Coogan has made a name for himself in the states with films like Marie Antoinette, Night at the Museum, Tropic Thunder and most recently Stan and Laurel, if you asked the average American who Alan Partridge was they'd probably just shrug.  Come along as we discuss the illustrious career of Britain's most inept broadcaster (though is he really?).

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