June 20, 2019

YouGov Poll - British Desserts Ranked Best to Worst - Podcast 54

If you heard our podcast earlier this week, you know we've been discussing the British YouGov food poll.  The first poll was in regards to savory food, but now we're discussing desserts (hooray!).  So, where do Brits place classics like the above "Spotted Dick" and "Christmas Pudding"?  You'd be surprised.  Or maybe you wouldn't.  I don't really know you, now do I?  Have a listen to hear what we think about where Brits placed some of our personal favorites and then pop over to our Facebook group to let us know which desserts you'd place in the God Tier and which you'd banish to the Crap Tier.

June 18, 2019

YouGov Poll - British Food Ranked Best to Worst - Podcast 53

Image: Taken from YouGov.co.uk Classic British Cuisine Poll Ranking

Have you ever wondered how British folk truly feel about Cottage or Shepherd's Pie, or what, for that matter, even is the difference (and judging by the photo above, the only difference is that one's switched mirror image from the other) between the two?  Well then you've come to the right place, because today we're talking all about British Cuisine and how it stacks up against other... British Cuisine.  Can't wait to find out what made the "Crap Tier", then by all means, do listen away.  And once you've finished, please head over to our Facebook group and let us know how you'd rank the foods mentioned.

June 13, 2019

The American Grocery Store - Podcast 52

Image: Todd Morris (CC By-SA 2.0)

Ah, the American grocery store.  It can be a monster that goes on for days, or it can be small and quite sad.  It really depends on where you live.  America is a big place after all.  One thing that is true of all American grocery stores, however, is that we do not call our baskets trollies.  Ever.  And while stores can vary depending on where in the U.S. you are, they are more alike than not, and more different than Britain and Europe.  But what exactly are those differences?  What's up with all the balloons hanging from the ceiling in the floral department, Dominic wonders.  And why are there so many tortillas?  We attempt to answer these questions and more in this episode.  Have a listen and then let us know other differences you've noticed between American and British supermarkets.

June 11, 2019

ICE CREAM (Part 2) - Podcast 51

Image: The Impulsive Buy (CC By-SA 2.0)

Hello again.  Back for some more creamy sweetness, I see.  Well, if you heard our previous podcast you already know how fired up we get when we talk about ice cream, so get ready for another half hour of mouth-watering ice cream talk, this time about specific flavors, like the one pictured above.  Now, I have never seen this distinctly British flavor for sale in America, but pictures don't lie.  Or, at least this one doesn't (I don't think it does anyway.), there it is, the very American ice cream brand, Blue Bell, pushing Rum Raisin on an unsuspecting public.  WHO NEEDS RAISINS IN THEIR ICE CREAM?  It's just weird.  It's just wrong.  And no.  I'm all for raisins in cookies, in cereal, in bread, but wouldn't they go all rock-hard in ice cream?  I don't think I'll be finding out, thank you very much.  You can keep your Rum Raisin ice cream, Britain, we Americans will stick to our Rocky Road.  Thank you and good night!  ...Wow.  That really escalated and I never meant for it to and now I'm out of space to talk about the rest of this podcast.  You'd better just listen.

June 6, 2019

ICE CREAM! (Part 1) - Podcast 50

Composite of Original Image by Jonathan Rolande (CC By 2.0)

Do you like ice cream?  If so, you've come to the right place, because this podcast episode is all about the sweetest, creamiest, most delicious treat of all.  (Can you tell I'm a fan?)  That's right, we're talking about ice cream van (or truck) ice cream and frozen treats, ice cream and popsicles you can find in the grocery store and much, much more.  So much more, in fact, that we once again (See our podcasts about chocolate) got a bit carried away and had to split this topic into two separate podcasts.  This one will cover mainly ice cream and ice cream bars you may find at British and American ice cream trucks, as well as supermarket brands of ice cream in each of our countries.  Did we forget to mention any of your favorites?  We'd love to hear from you!

June 4, 2019

Wales - Podcast 49

Image by Joshua Miranda from Pixabay

Wales.  What is it?  Where is it?  Who is it?  These were the questions my younger self asked... myself... when Dominic first told me he lived in Wales.  I KNOW!  I blame the lack of social media and YouTube and am not at all embarrassed (lies) that me, a college-educated person had no idea Wales was a country, much less anything to do with Britain!  But I'll own up.  It's true, I was ignorant.  I once was blind, but now I see, and if, by chance, you have no idea where Wales is, you too can see the light by listening to this podcast episode!  Tune in and learn about the mystical magicalness that is the motherland of people like Roald Dahl, Tom Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones and more.  After you've listened, let us know whether you knew anything about Wales previous to our enlightening podcast, and if so, what did you know?

May 30, 2019

First Impressions of Britain - Podcast 48

Erica literally holds onto her hat on the banks of the Thames

Last time we talked about Dominic's first impressions of America, so we thought it only fair that we do a similar podcast focusing on Erica's first impressions of the UK.  Again, my first trip to Britain was almost 12 years ago, so my memories of my initial reaction to the country are not as fresh as they once were, but as we reminisce I am able to remember more and more about what I first thought of England.  The country is amazing, but were there things I was surprised about or didn't like?  You'll have to listen to find out!

May 28, 2019

First Impressions of America - Podcast 47

Dominic taking a trip on Route 66

This podcast is all about Dominic's first impressions of America, as a British person visiting the US for his first time in 2008.  Just as a side note, this podcast will focus on Dominic's impressions of Texas, specifically, as we didn't travel outside of the state his first time to America.  And, while clearly 2008 was quite a while ago, he can just about remember what he thought about this country when he first got here and what he can't remember, I remember for him.  What did he think about the weather, the roads, the people?  Was America everything he thought it would be?  Will Erica be triggered by Dominic's opinions of her country?  Find out the answers to all these questions and more in our latest episode!

May 23, 2019

British Crisps vs American Chips - Podcast 46

Ah, those classic British crisps flavors: Salt and Vinegar, Cheese and Onion, Cajun Squirrel?  Now, Lays (Walkers in the UK) holds their "Do Us a Flavor" competition in America too, where the general public can submit unique flavors to go on their classic potato chip and everyone votes on them and they choose a winner or winners... but, I have to believe the Cajun Squirrel "flavor" pictured above was submitted by some cheeky Brit who thought they'd submit an off-the-wall flavor for a laugh and Walkers was like, "Well, they like things like prawn cocktail, ham and cranberry, and Marmite crisps, so 'Cajun Squirrel' it is!"  If you've been to Britain, you've likely seen their sometimes crazy crisps flavors, and if you're someone from the UK who's visited the USA, you'll know that eating Sweet Thai Basil-flavored chips is living on the edge for many Americans.  And that, my friends, is what this podcast is all about: British crisps and American chips.  Have a listen and then join in the conversation by letting us know what the craziest flavor chip you've ever eaten has been and whether you liked it or not.

May 21, 2019

Game of Thrones Finale - SPOILER ALERT - Podcast 45

Image: BagoGames (CC By 2.0)

Before I say one word about our latest podcast, I have to warn you not to continue reading if you watch Game of Thrones, but haven't seen the finale.  Also, do not listen to this podcast, as it is full of spoilers.  There.  You were warned.  Now, obviously the photo above is from the GoT episode, "Battle of the Bastards," but in my mind, it's John single-handedly fighting off the Dothraki and the Unsullied for his rightful claim to the throne, after he's killed the crazy dragon lady.  To be honest, we really had no intention of recording another Game of Thrones podcast episode, but after that ending, how could we not?  Um, Bran?  Listen to our latest episode and then let us know in our Facebook group your thoughts on the Game of Thrones finale.

May 16, 2019

Game of Thrones - SPOILER ALERT - Podcast 44

Image: BagoGames, (CC By 2.0)

Why yes.  That is Ned Stark on the Iron Throne.  Bet you didn't see that ending coming?  This podcast is all about my (Erica's) favorite show ever in the history of the universe, Game of Thrones, and of course, we don't actually know how this thing is going to end, though we're betting Ned Stark sitting on the Iron Throne would surprise literally everyone, for obvious reasons.  Please listen to this podcast at your own risk, however, as we discuss many spoilers for anyone out there who hasn't ever seen the show, but is planning on watching it.  And, please note that we recorded this episode before watching last Sunday's... ahem... episode, so there won't be any talk about... ahem... that.  Have a listen and then let us know if you're a diehard fan who's sad to see it go, or if you're one of the many people out there complaining about this season and demanding HBO redo it.  (That is a thing, by the way.  There's a petition.  Look it up.)

May 14, 2019

Chocolate Series 1, Episode 3: Discontinued Chocolate & Storytime - Podcast 43

Photo from Amazon

We're reminiscing about all the chocolate that once was.  Dominic is very nostalgic while Erica can barely remember yesterday, much less chocolate from her childhood that no longer exists.  But this episode isn't just about discontinued chocolate, no, it's also about all the chocolatey topics we didn't discuss in our previous podcasts.  For instance, in this episode we'll also reveal a little story about the first time we met and all the chocolate Dominic did or did not bring me.  You'll have to listen to find out which it was.  There's more, but I have to go eat some chocolate now, so have a listen to our podcast to see what else we talk about.  Can you remember any of the chocolate bars we mention from the UK or America?  Let us know in the comments section or in our Facebook group.