May 30, 2023

Places We Want To Go: Windsor & Eton


Image: Wikimedia. (Public Domain)

Windsor, England is probably famous for one thing and that's being on the Heathrow flight path. Oh yeah, there's also a castle there that's been used by the British royal family for over one thousand years. Built in the 11th century during William The Conqueror's time, it has been used consistently since Henry I, more recently gaining appreciation as the favoured residence of Elizabeth II.

The town of Windsor is very close to the town of Eton, which is just across the River Thames. The famous Eton College is here, which has produced 20 of the 55 Prime Ministers of the UK, along with a few more notable names.

Would you like to go to Windsor or Eton?

May 23, 2023

If Britain Had A Mount Rushmore Who Would Be On It?


Image: Wikipedia (Public Domain)

A British Mount Rushmore is a curious thought. Who would be on it? Past Prime Ministers? Kings and Queens? Or would it be general celebrities from history? Could you see Shakespeare up there next to Holly Willoughby? John Lennon up there next to Joey Essex? Have a listen to our latest podcast episode below and let us know what you think!

Who would your ultimate Mount Rushmore be made up of?

May 16, 2023

The British Obsession With Target Stores


Image: Target Wiki


Target has been an American mainstay for the last 40 years. Founded in Minnesota in 1962, Target expanded it's discount stores nationwide in the 1980s but has no plans to expand internationally. Perhaps this is why so many from the UK find Target stores alluring and when they visit the United States, Target becomes a must-see place, perhaps even over Disneyland or Walmart. Dominic also talks about his first experience at Target and that mysterious Target smell!

What do you think of Target??

May 9, 2023

King Charles III and Queen Camilla's Coronation


Image: Wikimedia Commons

Saturday 6th of May 2023 was the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III along with his wife, Her Majesty Queen Camilla. The day went as well as the last Coronation 70 years ago in 1953 of Queen Elizabeth II. It rained and there was an uncomfortable ride in the gold state coach. However, if you want an in-depth analysis from a couple of casual Royal watchers, then listen to this week's episode and let us know what you thought.

Did you watch the Coronation?

May 8, 2023

Places We Wanna Go: Winchester Cathedral


Image: Flickr (CC BY SA 2.0)

Winchester Cathedral is one of the largest in Northern Europe, being started in 1079 by William The Conqueror's friend Walkelin, the first Norman Bishop of Winchester, the building was completed in 1532, just in time for Henry VIII and his takeover of the Catholic Church in England to create the new Church of England. In this podcast episode, we discuss the song (Which Dominic had never heard before) and the actual Cathedral in Winchester in the UK.

Do you have a favourite cathedral?

April 25, 2023

The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die


Following on from our previous episode about The Last Kingdom, this weekend we watched the film 'The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die' on Netflix. Listen to the episode to hear our thoughts on how we think the series was wrapped up. Uhtred, Son of Uhtred, has had his last adventure for the unification of England, which was King Alfred's dream.

Are you a fan of the Last Kingdom?

April 18, 2023

A Coronation Update


WPA Pool//Getty Images

Next month, May 6th, will be the Coronation of King Charles III at Westminster Abbey in London. With conflicting reports abound, we try and make sense of what's confirmed and what is unconfirmed in the way of news on who is attending as a guest and who is performing at the celebration on the 7th of May at Windsor Castle.

What do you hope to see at the Coronation?

April 11, 2023

Mass Produced Bread In The US vs UK


Bread. It's the oldest food. It's been mass produced in the US and UK for centuries. In this episode, we compare mass produced bread brands Wonder Bread from the US and Warburtons in the UK and what the differences are in US and UK mass produced bread. Simplifying an answer is obviously beyond Dominic's capabilities, especially when it comes to Tiger Bread!

What is your favourite type of bread??

April 4, 2023

News Round Up March 2023 - Episode 350

Image: Josh Valcarcel/NASA (CC BY 4.0)

Yes people! It's another News Round Up! We haven't done one of these in a while, have we? In this new episode we cover most of the major news stories of this month and discuss our thoughts on them. We cover everything from Elon Musk's meltdown at the New York Times to the fate of BBC show Ghosts! We also go off on a tangent, which as many of our long time listeners will know, that's not at all surprising!

What bit of news surprised you this month?

March 29, 2023

Popular US Sitcoms An American Never Got Into - Episode 349


Image: Startraksphoto (CC BY 2.0)

America's biggest export has always been its pop culture. Well, apart from refined petroleum (Gasoline) but that's another story! No, American TV is shown all around the world and has had an influence on British culture. But has Erica ever gotten into any of these popular shows? Well, have a listen to this new episode to find out which ones she never got into!

What is an American sitcom that you never got into?

March 21, 2023

Popular British Sitcoms A Brit Never Really Got Into - Episode 348


Image: CC BY 4.0

There are many sitcoms that have been produced in Britain to critical and public acclaim, classic and modern. But which of them does a British person like me not really care for? Well, I narrowed it down to ten of them which I reveal in this new episode of the podcast! I wait to reveal the best, or should that be worst, till last on this list. Here is the 2016 Sport Relief clip we mentioned in today's podcast.

What is one sitcom you could never get into?

March 14, 2023

Vanderpump Rules/Scandoval - Episode 347


Image: CNN (CC BY 4.0)

Earlier in March, news broke that superstars of reality television Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were separating after 100 years together. The entire internet shut down over this news. Governments, financial institutions, NFT shillers and gamers who were just about to win but the cloud save didn't kick in were left without a means to cure their boredom. People kept in touch via carrying pigeon during this short time and when they found out that the reason for the split was Tom Sandoval carrying on an affair with not-so-superstar of reality television Rachel Leviss, known to herself as Raquel, the entire galaxy was on the brink of all out war with everyone on Team Ariana. In this episode, we're not talking about it. Not at all.

Are you a fan of Vanderpump Rules?