January 26, 2021

Religion In The UK - Episode 219


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The UK is not a country that's known for being overtly religious. Indeed, most of British comedy from the past 60 years has derided religion in some form or other and it's easy to see why since England has it's own Church. It's a branch of Christianity, except the Monarch is the head of it and was founded by Henry VIII because the Pope wouldn't grant him a divorce. Mental, isn't it? So, the Church of England was founded and operates basically on the same principles as Catholicism. Listen to our newest episode to find out more!

Do you think there should be a Church Of England?

January 21, 2021

Do The British Respect The Royal Family? - Episode 218


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The British Royal Family. Perhaps the most famous Royal family in the world? They're loved in other countries, especially the USA where the media seems to lap up anything from them, especially now that Meghan Markle has joined their ranks. But forget other countries and what they think, what do the Brits think of their Royal Family? Is there a respect there? Listen to this new episode of the Tea and A Butty Podcast to find out!

What do you like about the Royal Family?

January 19, 2021

Emily In Paris... But Set In London? - Episode 217


So, if you haven't been watching Emily in Paris on Amazon Prime, then you haven't been missing too much. It's from the people that brought you Sex and the City and lets be real here, it shows. The whole show relies heavily on stereotypes of the French that are pretty eye-rolling to anyone who has been to France or is actually French. So, this new podcast episode, we decided to think about what stereotypes would be employed if Emily moved to the UK? America has many British stereotypes which would no doubt be employed in a British version of the show.

What are some stereotypes that you would think would be employed of Emily were in London?

January 14, 2021

British Reality TV - Episode 216


'Jeph' was a main feature of series 1 of Celebs Go Dating. (CC BY 2.0)

Reality TV, in its current form, was apparently invented in the UK. So, USA, you have Britain to thank for your trash TV. You are welcome/We are sorry. Pick one of those depending on your viewpoint. Currently, Britain's biggest reality TV stars come from either 'Made In Chelsea', 'The Only Way Is Essex' (or 'TOWIE' as it's more commonly known) or 'Geordie Shore'. Names like Joey Essex, Charlotte Crosby and Georgia Toff Toffolo are among the ones being bandied about on social media and, in this episode, we're talking about them.

Do you have a favourite British Reality Show?

January 12, 2021

COVID Capitol Catch Up - Episode 215



So we're back! After what seems like years, we have returned to your devices with our voices! We bring news about our COVID time and our quarantine and cedar fevers. We also talk about the dreadful events that happened in the first week of 2021 at the Capitol building in Washington D.C.  and compare it to similar events that have happened in the UK, mainly the England riots in 2011. 2020 was a crazy year and we are hoping for a much better 2021 and we presume everyone else is too!

What are your hopes for 2021? 

December 31, 2020

New Year's Eve Traditions - Episode 214


Photograph by Mike Peel (www.mikepeel.net)., CC BY-SA 4.0

Happy New Year everybody! Well, it's been quite a year, hasn't it? Not one of the best years at all. In fact, it might have been the worst year in living memory. But still, a New Year dawns on us and with it, hope for a better future. So, with that in mind, our latest podcast episode deals with New Year's Eve traditions we both had growing up and a few unconventional ones from around the world!

What is a New Year Tradition you have?

December 29, 2020

The Big Quiz of 2020 - Episode 213


 2020 was the year that dreams came true for everyone, really, wasn't it? We look back on this fantastic year with a quiz of all the things that happened on both sides of the Atlantic. From the outbreak of COVID-19 to the time that we heard a vaccine was on its way! Listen to our latest podcast episode and play along!

What are some things from 2020 that you forgot happened?

December 24, 2020

Our Favorite Toys From Santa Claus - Episode 212

For me, meeting Santa Claus in 1989 was a thrill beyond measure. The fact that Father Christmas, as he used to be known back in the old country, deigned to visit my playschool and hand out some random gifts to us was absolutely wonderful. He was there for an hour and he sat and talked to us about the magic of Christmas and what it truly meant and when we grew up, we would understand. In this new podcast episode, we're discussing our favorite toys we got from Santa Claus and giving our followers on Instagram a shout out too with their favorites.

What was your favorite toy you got from Santa??

December 23, 2020

UK Vs US Christmas Tree Decorations - Episode 211


A Royal Christmas Tree. 1840s. Public Domain

The Christmas Tree is one of the western world's most time honoured traditions. Decorating the tree has become a ritual in both the United Kingdom and the United States and signals the true beginning of the Christmas season. Generally, the decorations are the same but there are some notable differences in the decorations on a Christmas tree in Britain and America. Indeed, back when they became popular thanks to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the 1840s, the practice was to put lighted candles on the tree. That was quickly discontinued after several trees burned down! Listen to our latest podcast episode to find out some of the differences in tree decoration!

What do you like to decorate your tree with?

December 16, 2020

Same British Words With Different US Spellings - Episode 210


Britain and America. USA and the UK. What do we have in common? Mostly the language of English. But there's plenty of words that are different or have different meanings in Britain and America. In this new podcast episode, we attempt to get to the bottom of why these spellings came to be and why we, as English speakers, determine which is the "right" spelling and which is the "wrong" spelling.

Which country do you think is the correct spelling of English words?

December 15, 2020

The British Class System - Episode 209


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 The British Class System is highly regarded and very controversial. There are some who believe the working class, the middle class and the upper class are categories created by the media. There are those who are proud to be working class and some who hate being middle class and want desperately to be accepted by the upper class. In this new podcast episode, the class system in the UK is discussed along with the theory that there is a class system in the USA too and whether that is affection America's economic and social climate.

Do you agree with the class system in the UK?

December 10, 2020

Wartime UK - Episode 208


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Britain during World War 2 is a subject that's been much covered in documentaries and articles, plus the many memories of those who served and lived during that time. When Britain declared war on Germany in 1939 many historians point to the aftermath of World War 1, or 'The Great War' as it is sometimes known, as the ultimate catalyst for the Second World War. But wartime Britain was very different to wartime in America. Listen to our latest podcast episode to find out more!

Would you have been able to remain upbeat during the Blitz?