July 18, 2019

British and American Inventions - Podcast 62

Image: Chris Rongione, CC By 2.0

Hop aboard as we travel through time to discover all the things that Leonard DiCaprio did or did not invent during his time in Britain and America.  No, that's wrong.  Well, it's sort of right, except the part about Leonardo DiCaprio.  What am I talking about?  I'm so glad you asked, because I am here on this fine day to tell you that in our latest podcast we're discussing things invented by the British and also some things invented by Americans.  (Why is it "the" British and not "the" Americans?  Because it would sound weird to say "the" Americans I suppose, but who really knows?  No, I'm not drunk.  It's much too early in the day and also, it's Thursday.  Whatever that means.)  Have a listen and then feel free to berate us over Twitter or on Facebook or in the comments section below as to why we didn't mention this or why we left of that invention on the list.  You know you want to.  Thank you and goodnight.

July 16, 2019

Which is the better place to live: Britain or America? - Podcast 61

Image: Gordon Joly, CC By-SA 2.0

Well, you read the title, what say you?  Can't choose?  Us either, which is why, instead, we each came up with a list of five pros and cons of living in each of our countries.  Clearly the person who took the photo above thinks living in the UK is pretty grand, what with free NHS and all.  It's not often you see positive (or any) healthcare-related graffiti adorning buildings in America.  Have a listen to our latest podcast and then, if you're not too triggered, let us know any pros and cons you can think of, regarding living in either Britain or America.  Also, if you're brave enough, feel free to let us know which place you think is the better place to live.  We'd love to know your thoughts!

July 11, 2019

Bond, James Bond - Podcast 60

Image: TNS Sofres, CC By 2.0

"All do that with your fingers round your eye.  I'm Roger Moore.  BANG!  Blood dribbles down..."  Okay, okay, the Alan Partridge podcast was a while ago, but he's a huge Bond fan, so the quote applies.  So, what does Alan Partridge talking about James Bond have to do with anything?  You guessed it!  This podcast is all about... wait for it... Bond.  James Bond.  (I do apologize, but there was really no avoiding it.)  Yes, today we're discussing the ultimate British spy, James Bond, in all his various incarnations.  How much does Dominic know about James Bond?  Has he read all the original Ian Fleming novels?  And, is Erica a fan?  You'll just have to listen to find out.  And once you've heard our latest chat, pop over to Twitter or our Facebook group to let us know if you're a fan of James Bond and if so, which Bond is your favorite?

July 9, 2019

Things that are Quintessentially British & American - Podcast 59

Thesupermat [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Today we're choosing three things we each think are quintessentially British and American.  I'll admit, mine are a bit random.  I wanted to try not to choose totally obvious things that you could see in any YouTube video, or read on every Buzzfeed list, but it turns out, most things that are quintessentially British are mostly the things you do think of straight off the bat.  So, what ended up on my list?  You'll just have to listen to find out.  Dominic, on the other hand, came up with some uber American things that you definitely wouldn't think of immediately, but which are definitely very American indeed.  Hint: You can find them in every highschool.  The biggest question though, is did Dominic and I have anything in common in our lists of 3 things?  Again, you'll just listen to our latest podcast.  And when you've finished, tweet us and let us know your list of 3 quintessentially British and/or American things.

July 4, 2019

Fourth of July Chat + Quiz - Podcast 58

Image: MaxPixel, CC0 1.0

It's July 4th.  American Independence Day.  But, do you know from whom we became independent back on this day in 1776?  Well, if not, you're not alone.  While I do know why we celebrate the fourth of July, I was surprised at just how much I don't actually remember about the origins of the holiday.  In this podcast we're taking a quiz to see just how much we know about July 4th.  Also, we're talking about the holiday from a British point-of-view.  Do the British celebrate on this day?  Do they sit around their homes shaking their fist in the air about the country that got away?  Find out by listening to our special Independence Day podcast and then let us know how well you did on the quiz.

July 2, 2019

Yesterday Film - Podcast 57

Himesh Patel and Lily James as Jack and Ellie in 'Yesterday' (Universal)
So, we're big Beatles fans, in case you haven't heard.  Like, big.  Maybe the biggest.  So, of course, whenever anything remotely Beatles-related is released, we're there, gobbling it up.  The new film, Yesterday, directed by Danny Boyle (Trainspotting), is no exception.  I'll admit I was pretty skeptical, but went in with an open mind and that's really all it takes to get swept up in this fun romantic comedy.  Richard Curtis (Love Actually), who wrote the screen play for this film, knows exactly how to make an audience turn off their mind, relax and float downstream.  (And if you don't get that reference, you are dead to me.)  Tune in to our latest podcast to hear all about this new, fun rom-com, but be warned, we WILL ruin this movie for you, so please don't listen if you haven't seen the film, but are intending on seeing it.  Let us know what you thought about Yesterday in the comments section below or on our Facebook group.

June 27, 2019

One-Hit Wonders From Britain and America - Podcast 56

Image: Vanilla Ice Album Cover 1990

...which brings us to this podcast episode, which is all about One Hit Wonders from the UK and America.  From The Weather Girls to Vanilla Ice, Sinead O'Connor, Soft Cell, and Chumbawamba, we're discussing how some bands that may have only had one number one hit in America may have had longer-lasting and more well-known careers in Britain and vice versa, and we flat out don't recognize a couple of the songs mentioned on the lists of which we're referring.  Have a listen to our latest podcast to see if you recognize all the songs on the list and then let us know any others you can think of.

June 25, 2019

Metro Chat - London, New York, Paris and Rome - Podcast 55

Image: Seanfoneill, (CC By-SA 2.0)

Well, it's the podcast you've all been waiting for.  Okay, maybe it's the podcast some of you have been waiting for?  Fine.  It's the podcast a select few of you have been waiting for.  It's the one where we talk about the London Underground system versus the New York City Subway, Paris Metro and Rome Metro.  Now, we're not train or station aficionados by any means, so if you hear something we say that's wrong, by all means correct us on our Facebook group.  It's been a while since we've taken a ride on any of the aforementioned trains or been in the stations, so our information may be slightly out of date.  Have a listen to our latest podcast and then let us know which system is your favorite of those we mentioned.

June 20, 2019

YouGov Poll - British Desserts Ranked Best to Worst - Podcast 54

If you heard our podcast earlier this week, you know we've been discussing the British YouGov food poll.  The first poll was in regards to savory food, but now we're discussing desserts (hooray!).  So, where do Brits place classics like the above "Spotted Dick" and "Christmas Pudding"?  You'd be surprised.  Or maybe you wouldn't.  I don't really know you, now do I?  Have a listen to hear what we think about where Brits placed some of our personal favorites and then pop over to our Facebook group to let us know which desserts you'd place in the God Tier and which you'd banish to the Crap Tier.

June 18, 2019

YouGov Poll - British Food Ranked Best to Worst - Podcast 53

Image: Taken from YouGov.co.uk Classic British Cuisine Poll Ranking

Have you ever wondered how British folk truly feel about Cottage or Shepherd's Pie, or what, for that matter, even is the difference (and judging by the photo above, the only difference is that one's switched mirror image from the other) between the two?  Well then you've come to the right place, because today we're talking all about British Cuisine and how it stacks up against other... British Cuisine.  Can't wait to find out what made the "Crap Tier", then by all means, do listen away.  And once you've finished, please head over to our Facebook group and let us know how you'd rank the foods mentioned.

June 13, 2019

The American Grocery Store - Podcast 52

Image: Todd Morris (CC By-SA 2.0)

Ah, the American grocery store.  It can be a monster that goes on for days, or it can be small and quite sad.  It really depends on where you live.  America is a big place after all.  One thing that is true of all American grocery stores, however, is that we do not call our baskets trollies.  Ever.  And while stores can vary depending on where in the U.S. you are, they are more alike than not, and more different than Britain and Europe.  But what exactly are those differences?  What's up with all the balloons hanging from the ceiling in the floral department, Dominic wonders.  And why are there so many tortillas?  We attempt to answer these questions and more in this episode.  Have a listen and then let us know other differences you've noticed between American and British supermarkets.

June 11, 2019

ICE CREAM (Part 2) - Podcast 51

Image: The Impulsive Buy (CC By-SA 2.0)

Hello again.  Back for some more creamy sweetness, I see.  Well, if you heard our previous podcast you already know how fired up we get when we talk about ice cream, so get ready for another half hour of mouth-watering ice cream talk, this time about specific flavors, like the one pictured above.  Now, I have never seen this distinctly British flavor for sale in America, but pictures don't lie.  Or, at least this one doesn't (I don't think it does anyway.), there it is, the very American ice cream brand, Blue Bell, pushing Rum Raisin on an unsuspecting public.  WHO NEEDS RAISINS IN THEIR ICE CREAM?  It's just weird.  It's just wrong.  And no.  I'm all for raisins in cookies, in cereal, in bread, but wouldn't they go all rock-hard in ice cream?  I don't think I'll be finding out, thank you very much.  You can keep your Rum Raisin ice cream, Britain, we Americans will stick to our Rocky Road.  Thank you and good night!  ...Wow.  That really escalated and I never meant for it to and now I'm out of space to talk about the rest of this podcast.  You'd better just listen.