June 2, 2020

Questions About Wales - Episode 153

Erica with a rather festive Welsh Dragon. Image: Tea & A Butty.
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This episode, we're answering questions about Wales and accents for one of our patrons, Aven Ellis! Aven is a successful author of 'Deliciously Swoony Romantic Comedies' and they are wonderful! You can find out more about her by visiting her website!

Do you have a question about Wales? Let us know!

May 28, 2020

Critters in the UK and USA - Episode 152

Image: Badger, British Wildlife Centre by Carine06, CC By-SA 2.0

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably already know that we love critters! Whether they're big or small, cute and cuddly or creepy and crawly, we find them endlessly fascinating.  We spot local wildlife on a regular basis and often share our pictures and/or video of the critters we spot with our followers.  And, our constant adventures in nature got us talking about the kinds of critters that are common in Britain.  Tune in as we discuss some animals which are common in the UK, but perhaps not as common (and in some cases, animals which don't exist at all) in the states and vice versa.

Once you've listened to today's episode, let us know some critters that exist where you live!

May 27, 2020

Living in America: Life After Lockdown

World Lockdown.

After these tumultuous months on lockdown, are we seeing everything getting back to normal? How will life be in these "new normal" times. Will people be more appreciative of what the world has to offer. There have been reports of a drastic decrease of pollution thanks to there being less cars on the road. The canals of Venice are clear thanks to there being less cruise ships and boats stirring up the silt.

Is this the much needed break that mother nature needed from humanity? Perhaps the birds, bees, trees and sea life are like "I don't know what's going on with humans but long may it continue!"

Perhaps the world needs more of a curfew like this so our planet can regenerate a little. Maybe though, as experts have reportedly said, there's nothing left to do to effectively 'save' Earth.

But don't get too down in the dumps! We're all still alive...

For now!

May 26, 2020

Harry Potter Inspirations Debunked - Episode 151

The Elephant House Cafe. Image: Ken Eckert (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Harry Potter author JK Rowling recently took to her Twitter to debunk several widely accepted tales about the inspirations behind her world-famous stories. This will no doubt severely annoy many of the businesses that trade on the fact that "JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter here" who will no doubt be dismayed to learn that JK wasn't actually inspired by their location or never actually wrote there. Have a listen to hear what we think!

Are you annoyed or glad that JK Rowling has done this?

May 21, 2020

More British Words - Episode 150

I know, I know. You're thinking "Hang on! Haven't you done this episode before?" Well, yes. We have! But these are new words I want to test out on Erica and find out whether she knows them. You know what to do. Click below and find out how she did!

Did you know any of these British words?

May 19, 2020

Graduation - Episode 149

Image: Pexels (CC-BY 2.0)
Graduations. Everyone in America had one, or at least probably had one, at the end of their high school career. We discuss the lack of a ceremony that Dominic had when he left school and what all happened and Erica talks about her graduation and what it all entailed.

What was your graduation like?

May 14, 2020

Allotments in the UK - Episode 148

An Urban Allotment in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. Image: Badics (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Allotments. What are they? Maybe, if you have one or know someone who does, you'll know what one is. They were massive in Britain during the war and are now again on the rise thanks to people who want to grow their own veg to know its safe or even just have a garden that they can't have at home.

If you lived in the UK, would you get an Allotment?

May 12, 2020

Outlander Season 5 Finale - Episode 147

Never My Love: Jamie and Claire from the season 5 Finale. Image: YouTube Snip.

So, Outlander has come to an end for this season. When will it be back? The earliest reports say season 6 won't be on our screens till 2022 but that all depends on how quickly production can get going again. Listen to this episode to hear our thoughts on the finale!

What did YOU think of the season 5 finale?

May 7, 2020

Vegetarianism In The USA and UK - Episode 146

No Meat Allowed!

Vegetarians. If you believe one side, they're responsible for many plant based atrocities over the decades. Millions and millions of plants just mercilessly cut down in their prime and eaten by this movement all while animals looked on.

On the other hand, is that so bad? Vegetables are good for you. We're always told to 'eat your greens' though I always took that to mean green Skittles and green Jelly Babies. We're discussing, in this episode, the rise of vegetarianism in the US and UK and I also talk about my dad, who's basically one but will eat fish.

Are you a vegetarian?

May 6, 2020

Living In America: Kettles Boil So Slowly In The USA!

A kettle on the boil. Image: Needpix.com

Hello again readers. Yes, this post is about my frustration with the voltage system in the USA. All of North America operate on a 100-127 volts of electricity. The rest of the world is shall we say a little more high powered in terms of voltage, operating on a 200-240 voltage.

Nowhere is this more noticeable than when you're boiling water in an electric kettle. In the US, a kettle takes more than a minute and a half longer to boil than it does in the UK. This is probably the reason kettles never took off in the US as a household item. In the UK, almost everybody uses the kettle to boil water quickly and not just for water for tea or coffee, I personally used to boil the water to pour it in the pan when I was making pasta, just to shave off a few precious seconds of boiling time on the hob (or the stove as it's known in these here parts). How's THAT for instant gratification? Perhaps the UK is worse in that respect!

Do you have an electric kettle in the US? Have you been to the UK and noticed the speed at which kettles boil and thought "Wow! That was fast! I wish my kettle at home boiled that quickly!"?

May 5, 2020

Childhood Experiences UK vs USA - Episode 145

If you grew up in America, chances are you had a different childhood experience to someone who grew up in the UK, or anywhere else in the world. Simple experiences such as going to the beach and getting stung by jellyfish and riding in the back of a pick up truck. Surely all of you have had similar experiences in childhood?? No?

Tell us your memories!

April 30, 2020

Guess The Song From The 1980s - Episode 144

The 1980s. Image: CC BY 2.0
So this episode follows on from our 1990s music one. If you remember the top 40 of the US and UK in the 1980s (Or are just a fan of 80s music) then this is episode for you. We also apologise for the audio quality in this episode, it was only discovered during editing and we went back and forth as to whether we should re-record it but ultimately decided not to. From now on, we will track down the cause of this and make sure our next episode is very good quality!

What's your favourite song from the 1980s?