September 24, 2019

Downton Abbey The Movie - Podcast 81

Image: Richard Munckton from Windsor, Melbourne, Australia [CC BY 2.0]

 So we went to see the Downton Abbey movie this weekend and it was fabulous! If you're a fan of the series of Downton Abbey, then this film will be all that you wanted to see and more. From the first opening shot of the film, the hairs on your neck stand up and just like that, you're transported to the great house. All your favorite characters are still there; Mrs Patmore and Daisy are still in the kitchen, Mrs Hughes is still in command of the maids and Mr. Barrow is now the Butler. Upstairs, the Crawley family are still very much in residence and the whole house is abuzz with the news that the King and Queen are coming for a visit on their 1927 tour.

We won't spoil too much of the plot if you haven't seen it but we promise, if you're a fan then you will be delighted.

Have you seen the film? Did you watch the series? Let us know!

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