September 26, 2019

Canals of Britain - Podcast 82

Image: David Merrett - Leaving the Braunston Tunnel, CC By 2.0

This podcast finds us discussing the British canal system, it's history, how it works, where the canals are located and more.  Dominic and I have been sick and have been sitting in front of YouTube, drinking millions of cups of tea and watching our new favorite channel Cruising The Cut, which is super British (and yes, I do mean "super" in the comic book sense of the word) and details vlogger, David Johns' life aboard a narrowboat on the British canals.  Never have we wanted to go to Britain and travel the country via the canals and rivers more.  Until we have the time and the funds, however, we'll have to entertain ourselves and you (hopefully) by merely talking about the canals.  Have you ever been on a narrowboat?  We'd love to hear from you!

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