October 1, 2019

British Supermarkets Ranked - Podcast 83

Image: Maxwell Hamilton - Tesco at Ashford, CC By 2.0

Interestingly, you guys seem to enjoy it when we talk about British grocery stores.  No, don't argue.  You enjoy it.  We have the stats to prove it.  And, recently we saw (and have seen others do the same in the past) a vlogger we sometimes watch rank British supermarkets from best to worst so, guess what this podcast is about.  Go on, guess.  I'll wait.  Okay, if you guessed that this podcast is about Different Brands of FlipFlops Sold in Turkey, YOU'RE RIGHT!  Joking of course, it's really about Different Brands of FlipFlops Sold in Spain, everyone knows Turkish flip flops aren't any good.  Kidding again, in this episode we're talking about all the British supermarkets we can think of, and ranking them from our least favorite, to our favorites.  Now, I haven't even been in some of the ones on this list, so it's not entirely fair, but you know what they say about life.  After you've heard our recent ramblings, why not pop over to our Facebook group and give us your own ranking of the supermarkets we mention?

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