July 9, 2019

Things that are Quintessentially British & American - Podcast 59

Thesupermat [CC BY-SA 3.0]

Today we're choosing three things we each think are quintessentially British and American.  I'll admit, mine are a bit random.  I wanted to try not to choose totally obvious things that you could see in any YouTube video, or read on every Buzzfeed list, but it turns out, most things that are quintessentially British are mostly the things you do think of straight off the bat.  So, what ended up on my list?  You'll just have to listen to find out.  Dominic, on the other hand, came up with some uber American things that you definitely wouldn't think of immediately, but which are definitely very American indeed.  Hint: You can find them in every highschool.  The biggest question though, is did Dominic and I have anything in common in our lists of 3 things?  Again, you'll just listen to our latest podcast.  And when you've finished, tweet us and let us know your list of 3 quintessentially British and/or American things.

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