July 4, 2019

Fourth of July Chat + Quiz - Podcast 58

Image: MaxPixel, CC0 1.0

It's July 4th.  American Independence Day.  But, do you know from whom we became independent back on this day in 1776?  Well, if not, you're not alone.  While I do know why we celebrate the fourth of July, I was surprised at just how much I don't actually remember about the origins of the holiday.  In this podcast we're taking a quiz to see just how much we know about July 4th.  Also, we're talking about the holiday from a British point-of-view.  Do the British celebrate on this day?  Do they sit around their homes shaking their fist in the air about the country that got away?  Find out by listening to our special Independence Day podcast and then let us know how well you did on the quiz.

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