July 11, 2019

Bond, James Bond - Podcast 60

Image: TNS Sofres, CC By 2.0

"All do that with your fingers round your eye.  I'm Roger Moore.  BANG!  Blood dribbles down..."  Okay, okay, the Alan Partridge podcast was a while ago, but he's a huge Bond fan, so the quote applies.  So, what does Alan Partridge talking about James Bond have to do with anything?  You guessed it!  This podcast is all about... wait for it... Bond.  James Bond.  (I do apologize, but there was really no avoiding it.)  Yes, today we're discussing the ultimate British spy, James Bond, in all his various incarnations.  How much does Dominic know about James Bond?  Has he read all the original Ian Fleming novels?  And, is Erica a fan?  You'll just have to listen to find out.  And once you've heard our latest chat, pop over to Twitter or our Facebook group to let us know if you're a fan of James Bond and if so, which Bond is your favorite?

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