May 27, 2020

Living in America: Life After Lockdown

World Lockdown.

After these tumultuous months on lockdown, are we seeing everything getting back to normal? How will life be in these "new normal" times. Will people be more appreciative of what the world has to offer. There have been reports of a drastic decrease of pollution thanks to there being less cars on the road. The canals of Venice are clear thanks to there being less cruise ships and boats stirring up the silt.

Is this the much needed break that mother nature needed from humanity? Perhaps the birds, bees, trees and sea life are like "I don't know what's going on with humans but long may it continue!"

Perhaps the world needs more of a curfew like this so our planet can regenerate a little. Maybe though, as experts have reportedly said, there's nothing left to do to effectively 'save' Earth.

But don't get too down in the dumps! We're all still alive...

For now!

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