May 28, 2020

Critters in the UK and USA - Episode 152

Image: Badger, British Wildlife Centre by Carine06, CC By-SA 2.0

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably already know that we love critters! Whether they're big or small, cute and cuddly or creepy and crawly, we find them endlessly fascinating.  We spot local wildlife on a regular basis and often share our pictures and/or video of the critters we spot with our followers.  And, our constant adventures in nature got us talking about the kinds of critters that are common in Britain.  Tune in as we discuss some animals which are common in the UK, but perhaps not as common (and in some cases, animals which don't exist at all) in the states and vice versa.

Once you've listened to today's episode, let us know some critters that exist where you live!

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