April 1, 2020

Living In America: Is It Like In The Movies?

Image: Wikimedia Commons
America for many Brits seems like a wondrous place. Thanks to a lot of movies and television, we've grown up with this perception that they all ride around on horses in Texas and are cowboys, they all eat Chinese food from little white boxes, all the taxis are yellow and checkered, all the school buses are yellow and everyone has guns.

Well. I'm here to tell you that it's all true. Every last bit of it. All the stereotypes. Just kidding. April Fools and all that. Though that would have been something if everyone had believed me.

No, the only thing that's fully true about those perceptions are that they do all eat Chinese take out food from little white boxes (Well, the rice anyway) and all school buses ARE yellow.

But no, the rest of it is not. The most important of these is the gun stereotype. Yes, some people do have guns but they're not walking around with them on the hip ready for a quick draw. The people you see at those gun conventions walking around with assault rifles, those conventions are usually held at secret locations in the desert because the people are paranoid that they'll be persecuted for their love of firearms. Which, in truth, they very well may be.

So, to sum it up, America is not like it is in the movies, except for the good bits. Whatever those good bits are, they're up to you to decide.

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