February 13, 2020

Valentine's Day - Episode 122

Image: Joe Haupt, CC By-SA 2.0

Whether Valentine's Day makes you want to punch something and scream into a pillow, or feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this is the podcast for you, because quite honestly, it makes us want to do all of those things too... weirdly.  Today we're talking about how celebrating Valentine's Day differs (not at all) in America and Britain.  Which country likes the holiday more?  Who thinks it's been commercialized to heck and who thinks it's a beautiful tradition?  Which country's people feel more pressured on V-Day?  And, what was Valentine's Day like at school for Dominic and Erica?  Find out the answers to all of these questions (maybe) and more on today's episode and then let us know whether you celebrate ValenTIMEs Day, ValenTINE's Day, or whether you hate the day with a passion.

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