February 18, 2020

Our Three Fictional Dinner Party Guests - Episode 123

Image: Still from the film, Clue, Fair Use

We had so much fun choosing dead people to invite to a make-believe dinner party (we're adults), that we decided to do a second podcast episode where we each chose three fictional characters to invite to a non-existent dinner party.  They could be characters from literature, film, television, etc., but they could not now, nor ever have existed in real life.  Fun, right?  Well, I was excited anyway.  Dominic and I didn't reveal the characters we chose to one another before we started recording.  Tune in to see if we chose any of the same people, or if we could guess who the other did, in fact, choose to have over for dinner.  And once you've had a chance to listen to today's episode, join in the fun and let us know who you would invite to dinner.

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