February 4, 2020

The Super Bowl - Episode 119

Super Bowl LIV Screen grabs taken from YouTube

So, the Super Bowl was this past Sunday and we don't normally watch football (American football, that is... or, ya know... any other variety of ball either, really), but this time we decided to tune in if only for the benefit of this podcast.  We turned it on starting at half-time and watched through the end.  It was actually a good game.  In today's podcast, we're discussing America's favorite past time (or is that baseball?) and all that goes along with the biggest game of the year, including the commercials and sometimes infamous half-time shows.  Dominic can't think of any British equivalent to the Super Bowl, can you?  Do you watch the Super Bowl?  Which past half-time show has been your favorite?  Have a listen to today's episode and then answer some of Erica's barrage of questions, if you feel so inclined.