February 5, 2020

Living In America: Why Are Brits Always The Bad Guys?

Charles Dance in 1993's Last Action Hero.
Further on our Podcast Episode where we discussed the British trope in American films, why ARE Brits always the bad guys? And not just in movies either!

When I'm around Americans, I always get the feeling that they think I'm plotting some evil plot, scheming some dastardly scheme or just plain old planning to take over the world. Maybe my maniacal laugh gives me away?

Maybe my random pointing at people and saying "You have interfered in my plans for the LAST TIME!" before pressing a conveniently located button and opening up a hole in the ground underneath them gives them a cause for concern?

Despite all that, Brits always seem to play the bad guy because they're just different enough. Their background is just different enough to give that feeling of "Oh, they're definitely evil. Some evil's brewing there!"

There's also the fact that Brits are being brought in to play Americans in films in general. Perhaps it's because they are cheaper?

What do you think?

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