January 14, 2020

#Megxit - Episode 113

Image: Northern Ireland Office, CC By 2.0

The image above serves as a perfect representation of everything of which Prince Harry and Meghan of Sussex have had enough.  They are sick and tired to death of being greeted with bouquets of flowers and having to smile at children dressed in period clothing.  They're done.  The couple wants out and yesterday, after having a "sit down", The Queen made a statement that there is more work to be done to achieve Harry and Meghan's independent life and that she (Queen Elizabeth) has asked for "final decisions to be reached in the coming days."  But, what does it all mean?  Well, we're back in this podcast to talk on the subject as if we're authorities (hint: we're not), so if you're interested, have a listen and then let us know what you think.  We're actually dying to know.  If you're not interested, it's okay, because we'll be back on Thursday with a royal-family-free podcast!  We can hear your sighs of relief from here and we totally get it.

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