January 9, 2020

Harry and Megs Going It Alone - Episode 112

Image: Northern Ireland Office, CC By 2.0

So, it would appear from the announcement made by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, that they are "stepping back" from being senior royals and will be splitting their time between the UK and North America.  In addition, they plan to become "financially independent."  That last part, I'm sure, has numerous British "subjects" jumping for joy.  But, what does this all mean?  We're breaking it all down for you in today's podcast, and let me tell you, we have lots of opinions on this matter, all of which are very well informed and clearly, absolutely correct, so please don't even bother trying to argue with us.  No, no.  We know these people very well, so we are authorities on this subject, m'kay?  Yeah, I didn't even convince myself with that one.  But even though we are definitely not authorities on this sitch, we are still filled with opinions, so you might as well listen, if for no other reason than to get wound up by what we have to say.  Afterward, feel free to visit our Facebook group to have a go at us.

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