December 10, 2019

Voting In The UK - Podcast 103

Image: Alex Lee
When you're registered to vote in the UK, you're sent a voter card in the post (or mail as they say over here in the USA) when an election is near and you head to a polling station where you're greeted by someone who looks at your card and then hands you a ballot and you head into one of the booths like the one pictured above, where you put your mark against the candidate and party you want and pop the folded slip in the box on your way out. Dominic tells us all about the intricacies of a snap general election in this episode, including having to do a postal vote.

Have you ever done a postal vote?

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  1. This was of particular interest to me. I retired from the Jefferson County office in KY. One of the responsibilities of the office was election staffing and training. What you call postal voting, is similar to absentee voting. KY does not have voting by mail. Unless you are in the military, absentee voting had to be done at the main office. I'm not aware of any state or territory having proxy voting. Excellent podcast.