December 5, 2019

British Christmas Adverts vs American Christmas Commercials - Podcast 102

Image: YouTube Capture from John Lewis Advert, Fair Use

If you live in the USA, you'll more than likely know all about the Superbowl and how companies try and come up with the most memorable commercial to air. They pay millions for a 30 second spot and it's become a tradition for most of them to come up with a story or a funny gimmick (usually involving a major celebrity) for their commercial that will stick in the viewers mind. In the UK, especially in the last decade, this has been somewhat adopted except there is no such thing as the Superbowl but there is that one other thing that comes every year; Christmas.

Department store John Lewis have capitalized on making their Christmas adverts tell a story and to compete, Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury's to name just two have done the same. Usually John Lewis have a central figure in their Christmas adverts like Excitable Edgar the Dragon in the 2019 advert above. We discuss the Christmas adverts of both Britain and America!

What is your favourite Christmas commercial??

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  1. My favorite Christmas commercial are the Coke polar bears. Their just so cute.