December 1, 2019

Mince Pies - Not as Meaty as You Think

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If you're a British expat, one of the main things you're probably missing this holiday season are Mince Pies, as they are THE thing to leave out for Santa, or to serve at your holiday party.  If you're an anglophile who's never eaten a mince pie, perhaps it's the name that's putting you off?  When I was little, my grandfather used to talk about "mince meat pies" that, I'm assuming, he ate in Britain during the war, or maybe they used to be a bigger thing over here than they are now, I'm not sure which.  
When my grandfather spoke about them, it seemed at least, there was actually meat in them.  Now, it seems, judging by information found on the interwebs, there hasn't been actual meat in mince pies, since forever, so it was probably just me assuming there must be meat in them if they're called "mince meat pies," but this is not the case.  There is no meat in mince pies (edit: Not in Britain, anyway.  Apparently "mince meat pies" still exist in parts of the United States, so perhaps those are to what my grandfather was referring?).  Please do not let the name keep you from eating these delicious Christmas treats.  They are filled with apples, sultanas, raisins, orange peel and spices, in a scrumptious sugary pie crust.  In Britain they are sometimes eaten with brandy cream, double cream, or even custard.

The Walkers brand of mince pies, as seen in this post, however, are fabulous just out of the box!  It is totally unnecessary to add anything to them in my opinion.  You can find Walkers Mince Pies in our Amazon Shop.  Do you like mince pies?  How or when do you usually eat them?

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