November 28, 2019

The Black Friday Phenomenon - Podcast 100

Image: Powhusku
Black Friday is one of those American retail traditions that really hasn't translated in the UK. In fact, many retailers don't think it helps their business at all. The notorious 'Door Buster' sales have been well documented with customers rushing in to grab the item that's been heavily reduced in price and fighting each other over the last one. When Erica and I attended a Black Friday sale at Walmart, a TV had gone on sale and we witnessed a family of four and each of them had a trolley with a TV in it. People go absolutely mental for things and slowly, they're realizing it's all a bit of a con. The products they're buying at these 'amazing' prices are really only worth that price.

Also, this episode is our 100th episode! We are eternally thankful today that we can bring you the best podcast that has ever been podcasted. When we started the Tea and a Butty podcast, we never dreamed that you all would take to it so much and we are thankful for you guys, our patrons and listeners, who have helped make our podcast what it is today! So THANK YOU and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

What are you thankful for?

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