October 3, 2019

British Shipping Forecast - Podcast 84

Emoscopes [CC BY-SA 3.0]

It is time, yet again, dear friends, to chat about another British institution and that is, the British Shipping Forecast, an age-old tradition that has developed a rather odd cult-type following over the years.  It's a topic that is quite foreign to foreign Erica and the obsession surrounding it is a concept that she finds even stranger.  Have a listen and then let us know: If you're British, are you familiar with the Shipping Forecast, and if so, do you listen to it in order to go to sleep at night?  Also let us know if you're not British, but happen to know what the Shipping Forecast is, and if you do, let us know why you happen to know what it is.  Really!  I'm desperately curious about these things.

In addition, if you listen to this episode, you will learn the first secret way to gain an extra entry into our fabulous giveaway.  We'll be posting about the giveaway here on the website shortly, but until then, you may find information on how to enter our giveaway on all of our social media sites.

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