October 8, 2019

American Snack Cakes - Podcast 85

Image: Mike Mozart - Little Debbies, CC By 2.0

It's time to talk about something very serious, friends.  Dominic and I are afraid we just can't continue on with Tea and a Butty... without doing a podcast about the delicious (?) beloved American tradition that is American snack cakes!  I know, some of you may be screaming at your computer/phone/tablet screen, "Delicious?  DELICIOUS?!  Those cakes are the end of humanity as we know it!"  May I just say to you, first, calm down, and second, if you hate Hostess, Little Debbie, Mrs. Freshly, and Tastykake etc. snack cakes, and everything they stand for, with a passion, you may want to sit this podcast out.  We're not sure they have anything like these delicious confections anywhere else around the world, but we're probably wrong, so once you've had a listen to our latest ramblings, please feel free to let us know if they have similar types of snacks where you live.

Also, be sure to listen for the second way you can gain a bonus entry into our British snacks giveaway competition!  Are you entered into the contest yet?  Follow us on social media to find out how!

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