August 27, 2019

School Series, Episode 3: Middle School / Junior High - Podcast 73

Erica's Middle School 7th Grade I.D.

In this episode we're talking about Middle School, or Junior High, depending on where you live in America.  No idea what Middle School is?  Lucky you, because Middle School is the school you go to when you're at your most awkward, during those no-longer-a-little-kid, but also not-yet-a-full-blown-teenager years, also known as the "tween" years.  Yeah, those years.  You remember them.  While we're not sure if Junior High School only exists in America, it apparently doesn't really exist in Britain, but instead is just split between Primary and Secondary schools.  Listen now to learn more about Middle School in the United States and how school in Britain is different, and then let us know what you can remember about your own Middle School years.

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