April 18, 2019

Easter Traditions - Podcast 36

Evan Amos [Public Domain]

On this Good Friday Eve, we're talking about Easter traditions in the UK and America.  Do the traditions actually differ in Britain and the United States?  What the heck are cascarones?!  Erica reveals that growing up, the only day of the year she attended church was on Easter Sunday.  What's that all about?  And what kinds of candy did each of us get for Easter as children?  Can you get Cadbury Creme Eggs year-round in the United Kingdom, or is that just something Dominic dreamt up?  And why aren't Peeps a thing in Britain?  Have a listen and then let us know what your favorite Easter candy was/is and if you can think of any traditions we left off the list?  What does your family do for Easter?

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