March 14, 2023

Vanderpump Rules/Scandoval - Episode 347


Image: CNN (CC BY 4.0)

Earlier in March, news broke that superstars of reality television Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix were separating after 100 years together. The entire internet shut down over this news. Governments, financial institutions, NFT shillers and gamers who were just about to win but the cloud save didn't kick in were left without a means to cure their boredom. People kept in touch via carrying pigeon during this short time and when they found out that the reason for the split was Tom Sandoval carrying on an affair with not-so-superstar of reality television Rachel Leviss, known to herself as Raquel, the entire galaxy was on the brink of all out war with everyone on Team Ariana. In this episode, we're not talking about it. Not at all.

Are you a fan of Vanderpump Rules?

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