May 14, 2021

Living In America: Top 10 Things A British Person Misses About The UK


A Typical British Fish and Chip Shop. Image:

 I've been a British expat in Texas now for a little over 10 years. When I first moved here, I was full of thoughts of the future, forgetting about Blighty, the UK, Britain, The Royal Family, Rain, Fish and Chips, Chicken Tikka Masala, Rain, Marmite, More Rain, Pints of beer, Panel Shows, and Piers Morgan. But, as the years rolled on, I started to remember all those things. Except Piers Morgan, whom I keep actively trying to forget. Here is a list of the top 10 things a British person misses about the UK!

1. The Weather.

Yeah, nowhere else on earth has weather. Only the UK. In Texas, it gets rather hot during the summer for a long period of time. Brits, they complain when the temps get over 65F and wonder if the world is ending.

2. The Television

Television in the USA is largely repeats of past glories. It's the same in the UK, but these are much better glories. Glories such as Only Fools and Horses and One Foot In The Grave!

3. The Food

British food is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best in the world. The USA has to make do with Hamburgers, Tacos, Hotdogs while British food rules the gastronomic waves with beautiful beige colours and chips, lots and lots of chips. The British version of chips. The USA is jealous of this and has perpetuated the myth that it's bad. It's not. It's the best.

4. The People

The crazy Brits who enjoy moaning about the government and eating at Nando's and Greggs are the true leaders of the free world.

5. The Ice Cream

Yeah, it's true. You get an ice cream from an ice cream van and it is the best in the world. Then they stick a flake bar in it and completely knock it up several levels.

6. The Panel Shows

What is better than watching a few birds and blokes off the telly get together and be funny on the telly? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps everything?

7. The Mall

Yeah! The Mall! It's that road that connects Trafalgar Square to Buckingham Palace! There's no Dunkin Donuts or Great American Cookie Company on it though. That's a completely different Mall.

8. The Pubs

You may think bars serve alcohol but pubs are the cornerstone of British culture. Never ever get fish and chips in one though. EVER.

9. Fish and Chip Shops

The humble chip shop is one I miss. The smell of the fried food, the condensation in the windows, the distorted mirror image of yourself in the stainless steel frying range. Now you miss it too, don't you?

10. The Queen

Every Sunday without fail, I'd be round to see Her Majesty, we all miss that time when the millions of us would crowd in her tiny front room to watch Songs of Praise!

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