December 2, 2020

Living In America: Why Is Christmas Celebrated In The USA?


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Why does America still celebrate Thanksgiving? Especially since it's essentially the same as Christmas. You eat Turkey (or something else if you're Vegetarian) and all the trimmings, stuff your face with dessert. The only thing different is the opening of presents and the 24 hour marathon of  'A Christmas Story' on one of the channels.

So, is Thanksgiving really about thanks or is it just an excuse to eat a lot of food? To Brits who maybe unfamiliar with the concept of Thanksgiving, it's basically a Christmas lunch without crackers. That being said, the concept of crackers at Christmas. So, why even really bother with Christmas at all, America? You've basically had it at Thanksgiving. Just move the opening of presents to November!

Here's a question for you all. What would you get rid of? Thanksgiving or Christmas? If you had to get rid of one of them, which would be the one?


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