November 4, 2020

Living In America: Taking The USA Back One YouTube Video At A Time


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If you watch YouTube, you may have noticed a lot of videos with Americans reacting to British culture or food. Mostly, it's food. The titles of 'Americans try British Candy' are all over You Tube and they get thousands of views, mostly from British people who want to see what Americans think of Dairy Milk or a Double Decker.

Now, British people trying American candy or snacks isn't that fascinating to American viewers on YouTube. Could that be because Americans assume the candy and snacks they eat are available to be enjoyed by the rest of the world? Sure, Oreos, Skittles and Snickers are available in the UK but there's a majority of candy products that are not. It could also be that British people just simply don't interest them. Which is fair enough. We are, by and large, an uninteresting culture to Americans who have only known their own stuff for the past 100 years.

So by this reckoning, Brits on YouTube are taking an active interest to encourage Americans to be into British culture. This is why Americans visiting the UK and making a video about it generates a lot of interest with Brits, who tell them to try this and they shouldn't have tried that or gone there but should have tried this and gone here.

Is it possible that Brits are trying to spread awareness of British treats and culture to Americans and affect a sort of change in the way Americans see the world?

What are your thoughts on the subject?

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