November 25, 2020

Living In America: In The Great Divide, Nothing to Decide?


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With the elections over, we're looking at Joe Biden assuming office (or prising it from the greasy fingers of Trump who is desperate to hold on to power with fairy tales and ghost stories) on January 20th, 2021. The country is greatly divided, with the very right wing supporting Trump's claims of a rigged election and the very left wing gloating over Trump's legitimate defeat.

The country needs to put aside it's prejudices and come together, work together to Re-Unite the states of America. I can only hope, in time, that it will happen. America doesn't deserve to go down a divided road. It's relatively short history has had much division in its time. The country itself was born out of division between the Crown and the Congress. Yes, much is made of the Fourth of July where some Americans love to go "Yeah! We kicked the Brits asses! Woo-Hoo!" and some pedantic British and French historians love to correct the minor technical details of historical information, but, to be pedantic, it really was between the Crown and Congress.

If you were President, how would you re-unite the country?

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