October 28, 2020

Living In America: It's All Guacamole and Fairytales


Image: Jami430/CC BY 4.0

Guacamole. Why is it SO beloved? What is it about a tasteless, mushy green side dish that appeals to so many Americans?

I have never been a fan of Avocado. It looks green and healthy. That could be a factor but to me, there's no flavour. It tastes like unsweetened baby food and then mixed with the onions and the tomato it does nothing. Also, Avocados are ripe for approximately 2.5 seconds. Before and after that, they're USELESS to everyone. All these people who are like "Yeah, my breakfast of avocado toast, mate!" have clearly never been corrupted by the smell of bacon and pancakes in the morning.

I've yet to meet anyone who doesn't want to go for the sugary option in the morning. Given the choice between a plate of Avocado toast or pancakes, which would you go for. Now, those of you said Avocado toast, would you still choose it if neither breakfast item would harm your health or waistline?

Interesting. Most interesting.

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