October 7, 2020

Living In America: Does America Change You As A Person?


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One of the questions I've been getting as of late is "Has living in America changed you as a person?" and, after a decade here, I've come to the conclusion that it has. My lifestyle definitely has changed, my outlook has been broadened a bit more, I've learned a few new things, I have definitely changed and, dare I say it, grown as a person since I arrived on these shores. But that's only my opinion. Others, who've known me all my life, might see me as being the same person that I always was.

But living in another country, it changes you. It takes you away from home mentally as well as physically. Even though the internet ties the world together in ways it never could in the 20th century, there's still a distance there which will never be closed by technology as you are physically living somewhere else.

Do you feel the distance as an Expat?

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