September 30, 2020

Living In America: Whose Side Are You On?





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 Living in a country that you now call home while still having ties to the country of your birth can be confusing. It's a rather unique experience to expats. For instance, the World Cup. England and the USA are playing. Who do you support?? Your new home or your old one? Some might even say whichever one that goes the furthest!

Continuing on the sports theme, does one completely forget about football, or "soccer" as they insist on calling it over here? For anybody wondering, American Football is called just that in Britain. Formally, it's known as 'Gridiron Football'.

I still follow the World Cup when it's on, but not exclusively. If the USA or England (as usually Scotland and Wales never qualify) are doing well in it, then I'll be interested and, it seems as if the sport has gained some popularity in the years I've been here. Due in no small part to my influence of course! *ahem*

What sport would you miss if you moved away?

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