August 26, 2020

Living In America: Adjusting To The American Way Of Life


Image: Luciof (CC BY-SA)

Coming from an English speaking country, you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to adjust to the American way of life. Indeed, for some, it might not be that hard. They might slip into it quite easily. Indeed, I've heard some of my fellow Brits have gotten their citizenship and discarded their accent, proclaiming to US born citizens that they are more American than them.

But it all depends on when you came to the United States. If you moved here as a young child, then you undoubtedly have little to no memory of your country of birth so you are American. Which is why it's inconceivable that government organizations such as ICE are sending people who came to the United States before they were of legal adult age back to a country they did not grow up in or have a connection too.

Personally, I was born and bred in the UK. I came here when I was 24, so if ICE decided to send me back (Sorry folks who hate illegal immigrants, I am a legal resident alien right now, so put your pitchforks and torches away) I DO have a connection to the UK and could easily go back into living life there.

Or could I? The UK has changed in the last ten years. Indeed, I may be more suited to the Texas way of life right now.

Do any of you think you'd easily adjust? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram!

- Dominic

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