June 3, 2020

Living In America: Why Is Food Something You Miss The Most?

The Traditional British Chip is something I miss terribly.
When you move to another country, you might miss home a lot, depending on how attached you were to that place. Most times however, you find that you miss the food a lot. I've heard people say that only two weeks away from their home and they miss their favourite restaurant.

Since moving to Texas, I have missed a variety of things about the UK. Most especially, the chips. Chip shops are and probably never will be, a staple of Texan culture. They are quite possibly, a huge favourite of mine and my waistline shows it. Growing up in Wales, I had access to some of the best Fish and Chip shops in the world. Yes. The WORLD.

I'm giving Llanelli's The Oyster Bar a shout out here as I must have gone there well over a thousand times in my life and I never had a bad batch of chips from there. Perfectly cooked, a little crisp on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. Doused in salt and vinegar. Yes, I've gotten YOU hungry now, haven't I?

I have sat here laughing myself into silliness from reading that review. I wonder if they got their curry sauce and chips?? If you're ever in Llanelli, try it out if you want to be dragged into the Twilight zone like this person seemingly was...

Are you an expat? What foods do you miss from home??

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