May 6, 2020

Living In America: Kettles Boil So Slowly In The USA!

A kettle on the boil. Image:

Hello again readers. Yes, this post is about my frustration with the voltage system in the USA. All of North America operate on a 100-127 volts of electricity. The rest of the world is shall we say a little more high powered in terms of voltage, operating on a 200-240 voltage.

Nowhere is this more noticeable than when you're boiling water in an electric kettle. In the US, a kettle takes more than a minute and a half longer to boil than it does in the UK. This is probably the reason kettles never took off in the US as a household item. In the UK, almost everybody uses the kettle to boil water quickly and not just for water for tea or coffee, I personally used to boil the water to pour it in the pan when I was making pasta, just to shave off a few precious seconds of boiling time on the hob (or the stove as it's known in these here parts). How's THAT for instant gratification? Perhaps the UK is worse in that respect!

Do you have an electric kettle in the US? Have you been to the UK and noticed the speed at which kettles boil and thought "Wow! That was fast! I wish my kettle at home boiled that quickly!"?

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