April 21, 2020

Outlander Characters (Part 2) - Episode 141

Seems even Claire has had enough of us talking about Outlander!
Okay everybody, here is the second part of our Outlander talk and we promise those who are sick of hearing about it, we won't talk about it anymore. Or at least for a while anyway! In this episode, we talk more about Roger Mac (as Jamie has taken to calling him, because how many Rogers does he know??) and also how we think Jamie, Claire and Brianna's characters have developed up to this point.

Do you agree with us? What's your opinion on all things Outlander!


  1. The show doesn't do Roger much justice. I like his story arc in the books. It's more of a spiritual journey.

    1. This is what I thought too. They've made Roger much weaker in the show!