March 4, 2020

Living In America: Offended By Everything?

Easily Offended, Overly-Sensitive. Image: Daniella Urdinlaiz

These days, it seems there's an awful lot of offended people around. You see them all over social media being offended by things a public figure has said.

Many people, especially on social media, seem to have a non-existent sense of humour. Sarcasm seems to go over the head of quite a few Americans and they take a deadpan joke quite seriously, sometimes personally, and end up getting offended and worked up over it.

Many times you might see this in person, I have made a few jokes that have been deemed "not funny" by an American. Now, these are not jokes that are designed to piss people off but rather to make light of a situation. It can get frustrating when someone takes offence to a glib comment and demands you apologise when it really isn't that big of a deal. It's just been blown WAY out of proportion.

Have you ever come across an American that has taken offence to your sense of humour? Did they blow it far out of proportion?

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