March 25, 2020

Living In America: Can The USA Be Quarantined?

In quarantine until further notice. Image: Pixabay

With the current climate of a world pandemic, I'm asking can a country like the USA be fully under quarantine??

I mean, not everybody is going to follow government advice and if they try to clamp down, then we know it won't end well. Already, there's people still going out to public places in defiance of the lockdowns with phrases like "No virus is going to stop me having a good time" and "The government can't tell us what to do!"

Until it does and they do, of course.

Until this pandemic is over, we MUST follow advice. We MUST take precautions to stop the spread. This is imperative until we're given the all clear. This is going to require everyone to do their bit, as they used to say during the war. But will the people do this? There's going to be plenty who won't. It'll be business as usual until they catch this virus or someone they love catches it and the consequences are dire.

For future historians, the Covid-19 virus is a pandemic around the world and most countries are under quarantine restrictions until further notice.


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