January 29, 2020

Living In America: What Is The Food Like In The States?

Image: Jorge Franganillo, Flickr.

There are stereotypes about food all over the world. Usually French cooking is considered the best in the world and Italian food is greatest of all time and then there's British food, which is apparently really bland and horrible. 

But it's not.

American food. What is it exactly? I'm not talking about Hamburgers, Pizza, Hot Dogs or Apple Pie (which is actually English itself) as they were all created by immigrants. What is 'home-style' American food like? Well, it's almost exactly the same as British food, even might be a little blander!

American food has quickly gained a bad reputation thanks to fast food giants such as McDonalds, Burger King and KFC. Nowadays, many non-Americans think of American food as being nothing but copious amounts of salt, fat and grease in a bun with something that didn't begin life as a humble potato. Is this fair? Perhaps, in a small way.

What do you think? Is American food really as good as Americans think it is??


  1. I think it's super hard to talk about what's "American" food, because: 1. It's a huge country. 2.There are so many immigrant influences. 3. It's changed so much over time. The East has many Italian and Irish influences. The midwest has a German influences. The South has French and Slave infuences. The South West and West have Hispanic infuences. The East and West and Gulf states have seafood, the Midwest has a lot of wheat and beef and the South have a lot of corn and BBQ and Pork. The Southwest has corn and tomato contributions. The Northwest has a lot of salmon and berries. Plus tastes have changed and more flavors and styles are being embraced, so I don't even know what "American" is...but typically, the old fashioned style of "American" food might be meat loaves, noodle dishes like what American's like to call "Goulash" (which isn't), fried chicken, Americanized spaghetti, chowders and different grilled or baked meats. But it's much more interesting now.

    1. You are exactly right, Tia! There's just so much influence and tastes are changing now!