December 25, 2019

Living In America: On The Road In The USA

Image: David Herrera
People do LOVE a road trip over here and with several thousand doing that every year around Christmas time because domestic flights are ridiculously expensive, it's not hard to see why Americans prefer to travel in their cars.

You see the USA on a map and it is big but when you come here, it is astronomically big. People in the UK balk at a 3 hour drive to another city but in the US, a 3 hour commute in the car is a normal thing. YES. People actually commute to their work for over an hour. People spend a LOT of time in their cars over here and it's a little unnerving to someone like me who never really drove a lot suddenly finding themselves HAVING to take a car everywhere. They built everything 100 miles apart from each other here in Texas because they have the space to so the only logical thing to do is drive.

So, while you're tucking into your Christmas dinner today, spare a thought for people who are out on the road, stuck in heavy traffic on the seemingly endless roads in the USA.

Happy Christmas everybody! War is over, if you want it.


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