November 23, 2019

Twiglets - A Holiday Party Staple

Image: Amazon


If you're a Brit, you'll know what these are straight away, for they’re absolutely everywhere this time of year.  And, you probably either love them or hate them.  No, no.  There is no inbetween.  Personally, I love them, as they are a delicious salty snack, which is much needed at this time of year, when there are so many sweets floating around.

For those of you who are curious, but have never had them before, they're a wheat based snack (similar to a pretzel, for our American friends) with a yeast spread coating that's similar to Marmite.  With a knobbly shape similar to a twig as their name suggests, Twiglets are perfect for a party. Unless you're Mr. Bean, who in a 1994 episode famously ran out of them for his guests and substituted them with actual twigs dipped in Marmite.  Deeeeeelicious! 
We have these available in our Amazon shop for expats in need and curious anglophiles alike! 

Are you a fan of Marmite, and if so, do you like Twiglets?

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