October 15, 2019

Moving to the USA from the UK - Podcast 87

Image: Piviso, CC0 Public Domain

Over time, we've had a lot of questions about visas and moving to the United States in general, so we thought it was high time we recorded a podcast on the topic.  While this is just to give a general idea on the basic requirements and ways to move to America, we did want to try and make it clear that it is not an easy process.  Go ahead and listen to our podcast and then, if you're really serious about moving to the USA, you might like to check out the VisaJourney website, as it, pretty much single-handedly, helped me to get Dominic to the states.  The guides, timelines and forums are particularly useful.  And if you have no interest in U.S. immigration, you may still want to listen to this podcast to find out today's secret bonus entry into our British snacks giveaway!

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