October 30, 2019

Living In America: Got Guns?

Image: Wikimedia Commons
Guns. It's a hot topic. There's a second amendment. It's all very confusing to us foreigners who don't understand the obsession with guns. It all comes down to a simple question...

Why do ordinary people need guns? Because they feel safer against potential intruders into their home. But if an intruder snuck into your house at night to lift your laptop/ipad/phone and had no weapon, would shooting them and most probably killing them be, for lack of a better term, overkill? Surely a sturdy baseball bat around the body would be an effective deterrent.

I would welcome someone who is pro-gun to explain to me, without simply going on about the second amendment, why a gun is necessary to own. Although with the recent events in Fort Worth, I'm sure many gun owners are nodding their heads comfortably at the reason why they have a gun. When the police are seemingly ready to shoot to kill someone in their own property, isn't it prudent to have a gun to defend yourself?

It raises very serious questions. Police officers who have itchy trigger fingers are a major cause for concern for...well...everyone in the United States. It's probably part of the reason why in the United Kingdom, the majority of the police forces are unarmed. Instead being issued with CS Spray and a Expandable Baton, which was famously a mahogany truncheon in the early days of the Metropolitan Police. Of course, there are armed police in the UK who take part in operations where a firearm is involved.

So, are you pro-gun or are you anti-gun? As always, I'd love to hear from you!


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