September 17, 2019

The Many Ways To Travel Around Britain - Podcast 79

A GWR Train stands at the platform in Newport, Wales. Photo: Robin Drayton

Britain is a small island and you might think London is the only city that you can visit and safely navigate but the truth is, there is so much more to Britain than London and there are many ways that you can travel to see it. Dominic and Erica absolutely LOVE the train; It's fast, direct and you get to see the British countryside as it whizzes past and also marvel at the 'little man running' exit signs that tickle Erica every time she sees them. You can also rent a car and travel on the motorways like the one above, or even the bus (or coach as they like to call them in Britain).

What would your preferred method of transport be around Britain? Would you prefer the train, bus, car or plane? Or perhaps you'd like to take it slow and cruise the canals of England, Scotland and Wales? Let us know!

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