September 5, 2019

School Series, Episode 6: American High School and British Secondary School, Part 2 - Podcast 76

Guess who's back.  Back again.  Tea and a Butty Podcast's back.  Tell a friend.  Yeah, that didn't really work out the way I intended.  Also, yes, I'm aware such references show my age.  Your point?  Anyway... we're back with the final (yes, really) episode in our School Series, where we're going to wrap up the High School portion of the program by talking about Dominic's seemingly favorite subject, GCSEs!  Personally, I'm thrilled.  No, really, you need GCSEs to get a job?  And, they don't have a graduation ceremony in Britain?  What's that all about?  Join us as we finish our series comparing American and British schools and then let us know if you went to your High School prom or Graduation, or if you're British, whether you had a party or did anything to mark the end of school?

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