August 20, 2019

School Series, Episode 1: British Primary and American Elementary - Podcast 71

Erica in 1st Grade and Dominic in Year 1

Today we're starting a new series, just in time for back-to-school, where we'll be talking about all things school-related in America and Great Britain.  In this episode, we're starting off with what we in America usually call Elementary School, but what is called Primary School in the UK.  Either way, we're discussing those school years between the ages of 5 and 10/11, talking about the differences between U.S. and British schools, and reminiscing a bit about our elementary school days.  We also have current elementary school student, Addison (our 9-year-old niece) joining us on this podcast episode to tell us what life is like at school nowadays.  It was so long ago for Dominic and I, we can hardly remember!  You can catch Addison and her little brother, Peyton on their YouTube channel, Adventures With A and P.  After listening to our first installment in our new series, please do let us know what you can remember about life in elementary or primary school over on our Facebook group.

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