July 18, 2019

British and American Inventions - Podcast 62

Image: Chris Rongione, CC By 2.0

Hop aboard as we travel through time to discover all the things that Leonard DiCaprio did or did not invent during his time in Britain and America.  No, that's wrong.  Well, it's sort of right, except the part about Leonardo DiCaprio.  What am I talking about?  I'm so glad you asked, because I am here on this fine day to tell you that in our latest podcast we're discussing things invented by the British and also some things invented by Americans.  (Why is it "the" British and not "the" Americans?  Because it would sound weird to say "the" Americans I suppose, but who really knows?  No, I'm not drunk.  It's much too early in the day and also, it's Thursday.  Whatever that means.)  Have a listen and then feel free to berate us over Twitter or on Facebook or in the comments section below as to why we didn't mention this or why we left of that invention on the list.  You know you want to.  Thank you and goodnight.

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