June 4, 2019

Wales - Podcast 49

Image by Joshua Miranda from Pixabay

Wales.  What is it?  Where is it?  Who is it?  These were the questions my younger self asked... myself... when Dominic first told me he lived in Wales.  I KNOW!  I blame the lack of social media and YouTube and am not at all embarrassed (lies) that me, a college-educated person had no idea Wales was a country, much less anything to do with Britain!  But I'll own up.  It's true, I was ignorant.  I once was blind, but now I see, and if, by chance, you have no idea where Wales is, you too can see the light by listening to this podcast episode!  Tune in and learn about the mystical magicalness that is the motherland of people like Roald Dahl, Tom Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Catherine Zeta-Jones and more.  After you've listened, let us know whether you knew anything about Wales previous to our enlightening podcast, and if so, what did you know?

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